About Us


To look far to satisfy real needs. DMP’s story starts from a brilliant idea making our small everyday gestures simple: washing our hands using little water, with the right quantity of soap to dry them in a few seconds, without wasting any paper.

Eco-friendly technology for sustainable development, this is our guideline that crosses the decades and epochal changes, leaving the desire to learn, to restart, to grow and improve, unchanged. We learn from the past cast into the future, to offer the market quick and effective solutions through safe, efficient and reliable products, made with passion, skill and teamwork.

The DMP universe is in constant evolution, and the galaxies that create it are increasingly more numerous.
We’ve been ahead of our times, inventing the electronic tap, and work continuously to maintain the technological level of our products high.

Quality in quantity: models designed by the best designers in the sector and made with care down to the last detail. New products and great classics make up the richest and most complete product range on the market, consisting of over one thousand items. The factory becomes a lab of ideas, to provide design studios with constant and careful service, made up of useful suggestions and solutions in real time.

We have a heritage of culture and knowledge that has formed over centuries. Inventing things and shaping matter are our main features, the Italian pride that makes us unique and believable all over the world.

DMP is an integral part of this strip of the planet, a microcosm consisting of companies that love creating and making on their own, with sartorial care for the product and the materials that make it. This is the reason why we have wanted a wholly Italian supply chain, with certified materials with low environmental impact and selected suppliers that share our objectives and assert like us an idea of company that combines tradition and modernity.

We’ve always been guided by a strong international vocation. The feeling of belonging to the Country merges with a cosmopolitan spirit, a real launching pad to seduce and win the most demanding markets. There is at least one DMP product in 107 nations of the world, the tangible proof of a presence that does not go unnoticed. In this list we show the most important markets currently covered.

Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

Mediterranean basin
Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia.

Bahrain, China, Hong Kong, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Macao, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam.

Americas and Oceania
Argentina, Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico, Venezuela.

The choice to make environmentally-friendly products comes from the conviction that water, a precious and irreplaceable asset, must be protected and defended by everybody. Today more than ever, DMP contributes to preserve the environmental heritage, in the light of a renewed common sensitivity and the birth of international bodies that safeguard the water resources and certify “virtuous” companies.

Our choice starts from afar and goes straight to the target: used intelligently and rationally, DMP products protect the environment in a concrete and immediate way because they use up to 80% water less than normal taps. A small great help for our planet.


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