DCE 28 Tag Plus

General Details
Control for multiple timed shower with up to 8 shower cubicles Kit SD Plus consisting of shower head, solenoid valve, stop tap, adjustable external cover
Operation with magnetic card, key or bracelet
Cubicle selection using IP65 luminous stainless steel button
Adjustable water flow from 1 to 7 minutes
Electronic circuit protected against humidity
Rust-proof, fibreglass box
Microchip to control functions with DMP software
Time doubling with appropriate button and double token
Warning with 3 water jets 30 seconds before the time expires
Free/engaged indicator lights
Push function: the button stops and starts the water flow.
Smart function: the button stops and starts the water flow and the timer

230Vac – 1Vac safety transformer

Model and feeding
  1. DCE 28 Tag Plus
    Dce Tag Plus
    Power: Electricity
    Notes: From 2 to 8 stations. Kit SD Plus (shower head + cover + solenoid valve). Timer from 1 to 7 minutes.
  2. Accessories
    DMP-PL shower head
    Chrome-plated brass arm
    Shower head in chrome-plated ABS with scale-resistant rubber nozzles
    DMP-MT shower head
    Chrome-plated brass arm
    Head in chrome-plated brass with scale-resistant rubber nozzles
    Magnetic card
    Tag bracelet
    Tag key
    Credit programmable charger, with built-in feeder including software on USB stick.
    PC connection via USB port.
Pack contents