General Details
Electronic tap with anti-scratch and anti-limescale DMP sensor
4.5V or 12V waterproof electronic circuit
Sensor beam adjustable from 5 to 20 cm
Microchip programmed to control all functions
Functions optimized using DMP integrated software
Polished chrome-plated brass body o white
With under sink mixer or for cold/pre-mixed water
Anti-flooding automatic stop after 90 seconds
Standard water flow: 6 litres/minute. Optional: 1.9 or 3 litres/minute
Stop taps with in-built stainless steel filters and non-return valves

For battery models
1.5V alkaline AA batteries
Battery life: 4 years with an average of 200 operations per day
Warning of flat batteries through LEDs on sensors
Built-in waterproof battery case

For mains models
230Vac -14Vac safety transformer

Model and feeding
  1. Dia for cold or pre-mixed water
    Dia 1200
    Power: Electricity or battery
    Colours: Polished chrome, White
  2. DiaMix with under sink mixer
    DiaMix 200
    Power: Electricity or battery
    Colours: Polished chrome, White
    Notes: The mixer handle can be blocked after the adjustment

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