General Details

Electronic tap with DMP Dual Sensor technology
Sleek and sharp line design
Tempered glass on-off front sensor
Solenoid valve built into the tap body
Sensor beam adjustable from 5 to 20 cm Ceramic disk mixer
Anti-limescale tap aerator
Manual function to be activated in case of depleted batteries
Miniature components, integrated in the chrome-plated brass body
Anti-flooding automatic stop after 3 minutes
Solenoid valve with triple stainless steel anti-contaminant filter
Connections with stainless steel filter and built-in non-return valves
360° rotating spout, ideal for island kitchens
Colours with special pigments, certified for food use

1.5V alkaline AA batteries
Battery life: 4 years with an average of 200 operations per day
Flat battery warning LED light on front sensor
Built-in waterproof battery case

Model and feeding
  1. Hello 100 with hot/cold water mixer
    Hello 100
    Power: Battery
    Notes: Fitted with On-Off front sensor and Eco-Flow vertical sensor
  2. Colours
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