Rubidos 03

General Details
Electronic system consisting of recessed tap and soap dispenser
Scratch-proof DMP Infrared Sensors protected against calcium deposits
Flat plate and recessed box in AISI 304 stainless steel
Mechanical and hydraulic parts contained in the internal case
Polished AISI 304 stainless steel external screws
Sensor beam adjustable from 3 to 12 cm
Functions optimized using DMP integrated software
Tap and dispenser body in chrome-plated brass
Soap dose adjustable from 1ml to 6ml
Quick soap refill button
Professional peristaltic pump
5-litre tank
Degree of protection of electrical parts: IP65
Solenoid valve with 3 built-in filters
Anti-flooding automatic stop after 90 seconds
Standard water flow: 6 litres/minute. Optional: 1.9 or 3 litres/minute
Stop taps with in-built stainless steel filters and non-return valves
Water pressure: from 0.4 to 7 bar
Pipe fittings: 1/2 G

230Vac – 0Vac safety transformer

Model and feeding
  1. Rubidos 03 for cold or pre-mixed water
    Rubidos 03
    Power: Corrente
    Colours: Polished chrome, Satin chrome
    Notes: Adjustable dose between 1 and 6 ml of liquid soap Plate depth 20mm
  2. Accessories
    Metal frame
    for plasterboard walls
    Termomix 3020
    Thermostatic mixing valve
Pack contents