Sanisoap Abs

General Details
Electronic soap dispenser with scratch-proof DMP Infrared Sensor
9V waterproof electronic circuit
Sensor beam adjustable from 5 to 25 cm
Microchip programmed to control all functions
Functions optimized using DMP integrated software
Body in strong white ABS
Soap level indicator on the dispenser body
Cover side closure
1 litre tank for liquid or spray soap

For battery models
1.5V alkaline AA batteries
Battery life: 2 years with an average of 200 operations per day
Warning of flat batteries with external LED
Built-in battery case

Model and feeding
  1. Sanisoap ABS
    Sanisoap ABS
    Power: Electricity or battery
    Colours: White
    Notes: 1-litre tank. Dispenses fixed liquid dose
  2. Sanisoap Spray ABS
    Sanisoap spray ABS
    Power: Electricity
    Colours: White
    Notes: 1-litre tank. Dispenses fixed spray dose for liquids
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